Finding and Marketing your Element

In Monday’s Financial Times, there was an article titled “Students – express yourselves” which reported on job-seeking students’ experiences using songs, film clips and the like as ways to differentiate themselves in the admissions process into MBA programs. Despite my American heritage, my response to this was sheer abhorremce. I can’t imagine our potential students thinking they have to “sing for their supper”.

We are looking for authentic, genuine, level-headed, intelligent, (a whole other forthcoming blog on how to define this…), communicative candidates who know, or are open to us helping in the their journey of finding, their element.


According to Sir Ken Robinson, the element is “the meeting point between naturual aptitude and personal passion”.

The Element has two main features, and there are two conditions for being in it. The features are aptitude and passion. The conditions are attitude and opportunity.

You don’t need to impress us with your singing ability to get into the St. Gallen MBA program – or find a job thereafter. You need to be open to change, be authentic, and seeking your Element.


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