Pursuing your Passion

Perhaps it is suiting that I write about pursuing your passion on Valentine’s day. Today, people in many countries around the globe celebrate a “day of love and lovers”. Incidentally, some countries have a ban on this althogether due to religious reasons.

In Greek, paschō, or passion, means to suffer.  So is this what I mean when I recently wrote about The St. Gallen MBA looking for candidates with passion? Well … sort of…

Is suffering part of finding your passion? Anyone who has been deeply in love or asked about the meaning of life knows all about suffering. It is physical, spiritual and mental passion we are seeking – not necessarily to suffer per se as the modern term often connotates something negative.

Finding and living our true vocations is indeed to carry that calling – yes, with all the suffering and passion that goes with it. It has to do with our responsiblity, our element, our calling, our vocation, putting all of our skills in the right efforts where our passion and our abilities meet. To be passionate is a frame of mind at the minimum, a holistic lifestyle at the maximum.

So focus on your passion on Valentine’s day – what is your true love?

Find it.

Go for it with all you’ve got.


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