The Best Companies for Leadership

There are lots of rankings about what the best firms do with regard to leadership, developing leaders, etc.

The latest research from the Hay Group in their study The Best Companies for Leadership is interesting, but does not surprise me.

Regarding two critical issues, people development and innovation: the top 20 firms are significantly ahead of the pack. Have a look at the results for yourself. 

Lot’s of questions arise, such as the absence of certain important industries, or the reason for the dominance of US-based firms. Makes you wonder what firms are focussing on …

Again, the cultural issues would seem to be low-hanging fruit. This study is yet another proof that cultural issues are the easiest topics to talk about, but the hardest to master.

Remember: the soft stuff is the hard stuff… 


The Best Companies develop, motivate, engage and enable employees

Top 20

All other companies

Actively manages a pool of successors for mission-critical roles

85 percent

55 percent

Leadership development programs better enable employees to deliver on my company’s goals/strategies

84 percent

62 percent

Leaders work hard to connect people with projects that are personally meaningful to them

82 percent

61 percent

Senior leaders personally spend time actively developing others

74 percent

48 percent

Provides employees access to resources for innovation, even though success is not guaranteed

68 percent

47 percent

Leaders have the ability to generate personal and organizational loyalty

84 percent

67 percent


The Best Companies emphasize innovation

Top 20

All other companies

Provides structured opportunities for younger employees to promote innovative ideas to senior leaders

71 percent

54 percent

Treats failure (after a good effort) as a learning opportunity, not something to be ashamed of

72 percent

59 percent

Views employees in new start-up or innovation areas as having equal importance to those driving operational improvement

80 percent

56 percent

Provides employees with creative challenges rather than narrowly defined tasks

78 percent

62 percent


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