Just read the latest PWC report “Millennials at work: Reshaping the workplace”.

Millennials were born between 1980 and 2000. I have four of them at home so know first hand all about them. By 2020, millennials will form 50 percent of the global workforce. F I F T Y percent.  Now that should get your attention.

Yesterday, I had a long discussion with another “senior” – (baby boomer) and frankly I was appalled at his attitude that “these punks” have to “get in line” with the rest of us. Hmmm.. No wonder firms are laying off and sidelining the 50+ mid-management who is too set in their ways. The PWC study found that 38 percent of millennials think that “older senior management do not relate to younger workers” and 34 percent that “their personal drive was intimidating to other generations”.  Hmm… not just food for thought, but a clear call for action.

No question, millennials joining the workforce – in fact, dominating it, will affect how we do business. But how do we best adapt our business practices, perhaps even our business models before everyone else?

Read the study. Let me know what you think.