Maxims of Management

Managers, leaders – well you – need to know what you stand for. How you function. How you react in a time of crisis. How you manage. How you lead.

In my +25 years of working, most of them have been in management functions. Here are 29 maxims, mantras and mottos I have learned and live by.

  1. You are everywhere + always an ambassador of yourself, your family, country, company, your God.
  2. To be yourself, you need to know who you are + what you want. Find it. Authentically be that person.
  3. Find the meaning + purpose of your life + live it.
  4. Have your very own maxims, mottos and mantras. Live your maxims not anyone else’s.
  5. At least five times in your life, go well beyond yourself. Dream it, plan it + then do it.
  6. The truth is very important – no matter what it looks like.
  7. Speak the truth, but the truth in love. Love never fails.
  8. Think + say thank you + I love you as often as possible. They never wear out.
  9. If you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything.
  10. Communication is about 90 % listening between the lines, 5 % to the lines and 5 % speaking.
  11. Get informed where you are not. Inform your people deeply + regularly. This empowers!
  12. Admit mistakes and work out problems daily. Don’t do them again. Everybody move on.
  13. Don’t complain. Get it done and be thankful. If it is unbearable, change.
  14. Constantly train your mind, your heart + your body. Use them effectively + appropriately.
  15. If it’s not yours, give it back or claim it as a resource.
  16. Personally, never do it just for the money. Professionally, focus on better not cheaper and sales before costs.
  17. Knock, and doors open. Slam them, and they might never open again.
  18. Throw a lot of lines in + work them. You can always throw the little ones back.
  19. You spend a significant amount (up to 70 percent) of your awake hours working – ensure that you love what you are doing.
  20. Survival is success in some sectors sometimes.
  21. Work + live hard. You can sleep in heaven.
  22. Keep it simple and do it with confidence.
  23. Solve things algorithmically, but with feeling.
  24. Break the rules, not the culture, not the will. Break them deliberately, not capriciously. Make sure it improves something.
  25. Improve things to improve them and not your ego.
  26. If you are on time, you are late.
  27. Use all of your vacation every year.
  28. Focus on giving and respecting. Jealousy and envy will rot your heart.
  29. Know when to be prime. Know when to be composite.

Go back and read number four.

What are your maxims? Can you articulate them? Are you consistent to them? If there was one single maxim that would characterize you, what would it be?

Let me know what you think…