Training for Vietnamese Bank Directors

We are pleased to inform you that SFI has been selected by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) to provide a critical long-term development project designed to strengthen the banking sector in Vietnam. On behalf of the SECO, we will be providing a 5-pronged development program to the State Bank of Vietnam, senior management of Vietnamese state-owned banks as well as joint-stock enterprises. The duration of the program is 2014-2017. Over 80 senior level bankers from various backgrounds will be selected to participate in this exclusive program.

We will be providing the following developmental, training and consulting advice:

  • Fourteen 3-day training modules on a variety of bank management topics grouped under the following headings: Leadership, Core Banking, Risk Management, Strategic Business Orientation
  • E-learning programs on foundational topics such as mathematics, statistics and finance. We have developed over 100 hours of e-learning material and will provide participants virtual support throughout the program
  • Change Management Processes. This will include courses in change management as well as supervised company projects, learning journals and local content experts and firms taking part in banking courses to ensure knowledge to practice transfer
  • Train-the-Trainer. In order to provide a sustainable bank training, over 20 bank trainers will join the program to deepen their didactical as well as content expertise so that they can pass on the knowledge and experiences in subsequent courses
  • Analysis and Consulting. We will conduct a deep analysis of the learning goals, strategy, capabiliites and quality of the learning offerings of the State Bank of Vietnam. Additionally, we will provide recommendations for improvement, discuss their strategy for implementation as well as monitor the implementation process.

SFI has been developing bankers for over 25 years.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to learn how we can help support the development and training offerings of your bank or institution.