Work with me

Engaging with people and firms about the topics of the future of wealth management, innovative processes, products and services to improve wealth management and developing people who want to serve clients to delight them are my top priorities.

Trying to help people doing these things is one of the objectives with this blog. However, you may find that the material here isn’t specific enough to solve a problem that’s important to you.

If you would like to work with me more directly, there are four ways to do so: consulting, research, teaching, and speaking. These represent varying levels of involvement and knowledge sharing, and with many of my key partners I end up doing all of them.

Consulting: If there is a specific problem within your organization relating to the fields of banking and operations strategy such as creating and implementing a new innovation strategy for your bank; organizational development and developing people or client delight, I can provide you with consulting support.  I have experience on projects in all of these areas.

Custom Programs: I develop custom programs for financial service firms. I’ve designed 3  year multi-layered change management processes and programs all the way to 3-day offsite management events. My programs are tailored to your and your firm’s needs and goals. What we do is measurable and enduring. I have experience developing programs for Swiss, Vietnamese, Iranian, French, Saudi, German, Chilean, Singaporean, Indonesian, Italian, US, UK, Brazilian and Abu Dhabi banks.

Teaching: I regularly teach executive education courses on The Future of Banking, Innovation in Banking, among other topics.  These courses are are good ways to get an introduction to these topics, and to develop a language around these topics that you can spread within your organization.

Speaking: I speak at firms (internal conferences, off-sites, management and leaderhip seminars) on the future of wealth management,  “culturpreneurship”, the innovation process in banking and delighting clients. If you need a speaker on anything relating to these topics for an event, please let me know.

If you think that I can help your organisation, I would love to hear more about your situation.

+41 79 346 0831




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